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| Friday, June 2, 2017


SO what happens next to the 148 confiscated tabua?

Inoke Tuirara

Maumi, Bau, Tailevu



Certain bus drivers should take another crash course on how to reverse. A certain bus driver while reversing his bus at the Suva Bus station (30/05) hit the steel railings. Luckily those people leaning on it managed to jump out of danger. No one was hurt. Suva City Council, I have the number of that bus and the company.

V. Titifanue




I would suggest that rather than just being angry about your estimated electricity bill Elimi Marawa (FT 01/06), just pay them $40 and explain that was your estimated usage.

Russ Golding




There may have been too many patients in for their tests, but this young woman continued to do her work at the Nadi Hospital. Oh, and the smile never left her young face. For us who were there, we were amazed at her diligence and commitment to her work. Oh, how professional it was when it was our turn to be served. We were treated like kings and queens. Thank you so much Mereoni, the lab technician at Nadi Hospital, for the wonderful service you rendered. You were one of a kind in carrying out your duties. Thank you so much young lady.

Joeli Naleca




I'M not sure about the amended Electricity Act. Does it allow FEA to charge consumers on estimated bills or should consumers be charged on what they utilised, nothing more nothing less?

Dan Urai




A small boy's kidneys have failed and he requires dialysis three times a week costing $750 per week. In one year the parents have to pay $39,000 for dialysis alone. The parents have requested for help, but I could not get the account name and the number given on the radio. I would like Government to provide free dialysis and the travelling costs to this child's family until a kidney donor can be found. This family will need at least $50,000 to keep their son alive for a year. Another option is to review the dialysis charges and make it comparable with what the charges are in India.

Sukha Singh


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