Thank you FEA

Savenaca Nacanaitaba, Suva | Friday, June 2, 2017
WE did not have electricity for two nights after the powerline to our Suva home broke last weekend.

The electrician and neighbours were extremely helpful.

Fiji Electricity Authority was alerted to the danger of the naked wire so that it was soon disconnected.

Then on Monday we waited for other FEA technicians to come to restore power, but they had not when evening came, so we lit the candles and mosquito repellent for the third night without power.

Surprise! Two FEA technicians turned up about 8pm to connect our new line and get power back.

Apparently, they had been working on other powerlines since morning, and expected to finish their extended shift about midnight.

I expressed my gratitude to them for their dedication and effort.

I write in appreciation of the long hours public utility workers put in to serve customers.

Vinaka FEA.

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