Old scholars

Finau Naigulevu Turaga, Nadi Airport | Friday, June 2, 2017
ALL schools need their former scholars.

When former scholars participate, the results are exponential.

Last Saturday, the Adi Cakobau School family of parents, former scholars and friends celebrated in style in an atmosphere of thanksgiving and appreciation centred on the theme of restoration, as they celebrate as winners in the overall girls division of the 2017 Fiji Secondary Schools Athletics Finals.

One lesson learnt from this experience is that schools need former scholars and parents to gain unachievable results.

The other tip is, of cou­r­se, ministries and authorit­ies should oversee and guide progress and not el­i­minate or dominate current effective committees in place.

After all when one capitalises on the benefits at hand, the work is easy with less repetition and absence of reinventing the wheel.

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