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| Thursday, June 1, 2017
Rugby Test

After seeing the Wallabies squad announced to face the Flying Fijians, l have a feeling that we a have a good chance to win. The current form of their Super Rugby sides is an indication.

Henry Sakopo

Waiyavi, Lautoka

Connection fee

A water meter was disconnected for non-payment of $6. On enquiry I was told the consumer has to pay a reconnection fee of $10 in addition to the $6 to be reconnected. So if he wants water he has to pay more than he consumed!

Dan Urai


Growth pattern

THE credit goes to the Government of the day for the eighth year of consecutive economic growth and even better, the projected 3.8 per cent growth for this year. While the forecast and figures are fairly promising, it is rather important to question the key indicators that were used to gauge this impressive growth pattern.

Inoke Tuirara

Maumi, Bau, Tailevu

Soccer coach

NO doubt coach Gamel has brought a breath of fresh air to Fiji soccer.

Let's hope for more quality matches in the future for the national side, and that a few old tumors that Fiji FA has only recently managed to recover from, stay away. The tumors have a nasty habit of recurring.

Rajeev Sharma

Canberra, Australia

Church business

I am proud and thankful to the Christian brothers and sisters, members of the CMF church - whose headquarters is at the Kinoya junction - for their leap of faith into business, setting up a few supermarkets around the Central Division.

I am also told that prices of goods they sell are affordable, especially for low income earners and those who have retired and are unemployed like me. They have set an example that other Christian churches in Fiji can emulate and what is required now is our support through prayers and vitally, buying.


Naimasimasi, Tailevu

Freebies culture

THE old proverb, "to feed a person for a day, give them fish, but to feed them for a lifetime, teach them to fish", is important. The problem today is that more people are desperate to live for a day than to plan to be successful for the lifetime. I pray that the "freebies culture" will not be the fuel to this deteriorating social issue. Let us continue to remind one another to work hard and plan harder for the betterment of our nation.

God bless Fiji.

Mesake Sivoinavatu

Pagopago, American Samoa

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