Childhood challenge

Joeli Naleca, Nadi | Thursday, June 1, 2017
Consider this scenario. A village child entered the school environment for the first time in Early Childhood Education.

In his first day at school, he saw things that were completely in contrast with his traditional teachings at home.

He saw the teacher pointing at others and he remembered being told at home that this was a sign of disrespect.

Then he saw the teacher walking around the classroom touching other students' hair.

"Oh no, that's not allowed too," he thought to himself.

He saw other students asking questions to the teacher and he recoiled: 'Whew! In my village, we don't question people who are older than us."

When he saw the teacher hugging a student, he almost tripped: "This is serious. It's forbidden in the village."

All throughout that first day, he seemed lost and was wandering aimlessly in the wilderness of the school environment.

This is the typical challenge a village child faces when he is suddenly confronted with changes.

Isa! The young innocent mind!

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