Creepers on power poles

Karunesh Rao, Executive Projects & Public Relations Manager, Fiji Electricity Authority | Thursday, June 1, 2017
THE picture featured in The Fiji Times (May 29, 2017) is of creepers on what is referred to a Consumers Service Line Intermediate Pole, and The Fiji Times is requested to be specific and accurate in its references to such cases in the future.

The subject pole is situated within the consumer's property which in this case happens to be at John Wesley College in Grantham Rd, Suva.

The consumer has been advised to safely remove the creepers.

The Fiji Times could have come across as a responsible corporate citizen by immediately addressing the creepers with the customer, rather than choosing to sensationalise the issue.

FEA would also like to remind its valued customers once again that they are responsible for the consumer service line (black wire/power line connecting from the FEA power pole to the consumer installation) and the consumer service line intermediate pole, and they need to ensure that these are free from any obstructions.

Hope the above clarifies the matter.

(Editor: The clarification is noted and much appreciated. The Fiji Times had no intention of sensationalising this issue. There was no need for that. As 'a responsible corporate citizen', we raised an issue in our Eye-witness section which, it appears, has since been addressed.)

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