Motivating our young

Fred Wesley | Thursday, June 1, 2017
THE revelation that a Cakaudrove youth group stands to earn a minimum of $36,000 in two years' time from their yaqona farm is interesting.

It is encouraging as well as exciting for all those who stand to benefit.

The money generated is expected to be set aside to build houses for their bachelors.

As our report on Page 4 today reveals, the group has aligned its plans with a part of the proposed village bylaw that warrants every village bachelor to build a house and farm before marriage.

To that effect, the Korobua youth group has drawn up plans to plant 600 yaqona plants every year to fund the project.

Club executive Semi Teidamu confirmed they started the farming project in January this year after being informed about the proposed village bylaw.

The $36,000, he said, was the minimum income they hoped to get, based on the sale of yaqona plants at $80 each. The normal price, he said, was about $250 a plant.

The main aim of the project, he said, was to build houses for their young men and to also allow them to have their own farms to support their individual plans.

The youths, who were at a sustainable management training program, were enlightened about business potential in their own backyard.

Agriculture officer Timoci Vakaboro challenged the youths to increase income from their land.

He reminded the youths that while income increased, it was equally important to practise sustainable farming.

He said they were also taught important points to consider while running a farming business.

Leave aside talk of the proposed village bylaws, what is interesting here is the fact that youths are actually engaged in a project that is positive for their future.

It sets in motion many positive roll-on effects that have the potential to raise their living standards.

Such projects are important for many reasons.

They provide youths with a platform to understand and value the land. They can also empower them and should inspire them to change their view of life in general.

Such initiatives can also serve as an important tool to slowly pull back on mass migration to our urban centres.

Then there is the bit about youths engaged in such projects playing an important role in our domestic economy.

Such stories should also serve as inspiration for other places around the country where there is an abundance of fertile land and youthful energy.

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