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| Wednesday, May 31, 2017
Water subsidy Has working poverty really reduced from 34.8 to 11 per cent (FT/29/5/17)? In a settlement in Lautoka I was asked over the weekend why water bills of $6 and $15 were disconnected and where is the water subsidy. Not a sign of reduced poverty there. Dan Urai Lautoka

Men and


They are so vulnerable, delicate, at times very fragile, but mostly full of love and compassion. The only problem with men is they misjudge, misinterpret, misread and above all misunderstand them.

But the only weakness woman have is, misleading, which results in men overpowering and overruling them. If only, man realise the importance of woman and vice versa.

Suli Tokalau




Should the media be gagged it will cause more people to go to social media to speak their mind. On social media the news is not going to be subtle, and I bet many people already know that. Do we want that to happen in Fiji? I trust it's a no lest we become like those communist countries.

Allen Lockington

Kava Place, Waiyavi, Lautoka

Zaira bags


Well done Zaira for scooping the Miss Congeniality title, a title which rewards the most affable or friendly contestant.

It makes me wonder whether that comes from your hometown in the West or from your adopted town in the delta. Either way, the people of Nausori are proud of your astonishing achievement.

Inoke Tuirara

Maumi, Bau, Tailevu



I thank FBC for bringing live the Joshua/Klitschko heavyweight fight and lately Kell Brook/Spence fight.

Just like to know from boxing experts if it was a wise decision for Brook to jump in the ring only eight to nine months after injuring or fracturing his right eye socket? In this latest fight he again injured his left eye socket.

Sukha Singh




Why is it that football is being held in Churchill Park, while rugby is held at Nadovu Park? I believe for the past few weeks, the Lautoka rugby team has been hosting teams at Nadovu Park.

Suli Tokalau


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