Traffic congestion

Hans B. Boernke, Savusavu | Wednesday, May 31, 2017
The problem of traffic congestion between Suva and Nausori has not come as a surprise. With the stimulation of economic growth under the current government the writing was on the wall and I believe a decision was made to improve the roads from two to four lanes.

However, what has not been anticipated is that people would turn the success in economic growth also in success to improve on individual traffic options like buying cars. Especially when the local banks made such offers as low or zero interest loans for cars.

Alternative option for public transport like a sky-train between Nausori and Suva came up as an option a few years ago, but was quickly dismissed as too expensive and a private investor on that matter was not found.

Carpooling, special permits, permission for driving during rush hours on an alternative change for even and uneven numbers on licence plates and other ideas will not make that problem go away.

Now one has to live with the consequences until such day the subject "options for public transport above the roads" is placed on the table again.

This will cost the economy and environment dearly.

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