Interesting article

Floyd Robinson, Nasinu | Wednesday, May 31, 2017
One reads with interest an article entitled Culture loss a worry (The Fiji Times 29/05/17). I believe this reflects an increasing common concern among indigenous communities across the Pacific.

With access to the internet, our younger generation are exposed to new values, ideas and ideologies which sometimes clash with existing cultures and identities. One also reads with interest the mention of a publication indicating at least 20 dialects are extinct or probably extinct.

One hopes the report could be made available as it reflects a serious concern in terms of preserving identities within a globalised community which is open to an increasing number of foreign values. Furthermore, one hopes that there is more awareness about the findings of the cultural mapping program embarked upon by the Ministry of iTaukei Affairs.

In summary, this was an interesting article which deserves more dialogue and discussion as culture is not only evolving, but being increasingly challenged in an ever changing world.

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