Brilliant display

Donald Singh, Lautoka | Tuesday, May 30, 2017
Mr Gamel, I think you have hit the right chords with our soccer team.

Your team displayed brilliance and there was absolutely no daago bhaago as was the norm with renowned players. Your boys were good.

This team wouldn't have let New Zealand walk through a few weeks ago. I think you are indeed picking your team as you yelled out loud in the papers a week or so ago. In your team on Sunday, I couldn't sense any district politics in terms of selection.

Christopher Wasasala and Seta worked very hard and your keeper Koroi wasn't fiddling with the ball in his box like the more established Ben usually does. The defenders hardly made any wild clearance under pressure. I could count on my hands the boys' mistakes; there were so few.

Bugger Russia 2018, we are going to Qatar 2022. I am not a fan of FFA but if they allow you a free hand, I will fully support them with whatever they do.

Just an advice; go hard on tactics training with primary school boys and girls. Suddenly, the soccer of old has phased out and we can start nibbling away the rankings. The New Caledonia qualifiers are dead-rubber but I am sure good results will help our ranking. Estonia is no easy team but that team from Sunday, with proper coaching, will beat Estonia. You are French and you know better than me the level of soccer Europe plays, even the lowest ranked teams are a beauty to watch. Iceland showed England the door not so long ago.

"Tiki-taka-esque" crisp passing was seen at times in your Sunday team.

Fiji FA has finally found a "Ben Ryan" for Fiji soccer.

Now, hit the sand dunes, hit the waves and storm the local football academy to perfect your already good ideology and a good squad.

Go Fiji.

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