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| Tuesday, May 30, 2017
Fiji's debt It is with great concern that I read about the huge debt that is being left for our young ones in Fiji to shoulder later on. Now, I believe such a debt could be justified to some extent if the minimum wage was elevated, roads were fixed properly, healthcare was fantastic, and free education really meant that all kids were being educated to the best of the teachers' abilities. How about paying our 7s men and women a fair pay too, while we are at it. Am I the only one listening to empty rhetoric or others also getting fed up? O sobo, sa rauta mada kemuni na qase. Jone Nairai Melbourne, Australia

Flying Fijians

The Flying Fijians have a brilliant chance of toppling the Wallabies in their upcoming test in Melbourne, judging from the Australian Super Rugby franchise teams' current performances. But then again, that shouldn't be used as a yardstick as according to the "experts", Super and international rugby are two different kettles of fish altogether.

Anyways, let's go Flying Fijians, tavulaki, samulaki and mokulaki i ra tou. From a world champion mighty All Blacks fan. Kaila!

Anthony Sahai


Road humps

Hey Allen. Reason for those road humps at Balawa Cemetery Rd. Haven't you heard of "dead man walking"?

Edward Kumar


Police brutality

I am a huge fan of what the Police Commissioner is trying to achieve in setting hard standards in the police force but not a fan of police brutality!



Fashion talent

Congratulations to all the designers who took part at the Fiji Fashion Week. I watched the program on TV and yes we have so much talent in that area. Now I do hope that we will have overseas markets for these people. Fiji you fascinate me.

Allen Lockington

Kava Place, Waiyavi, Lautoka

Customer care

I believe FEA no longer treats customers as expected in a utility pertained essential service.

I complained of a blackout at my home on Saturday around 11.30pm and informed them that the pole fuse had blown.

A sweet voice told me that the standby personnel was informed. An hour later I called to enquire whether anyone was coming and was politely told to wait.

I waited untill 10am on Sunday when the pole fuse was finally changed and power restored. I believe gone are the days when customers were treated as important.

Dan Urai


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