Costly boat food

Kositatino Tikomaibolatagane, Naitonitoni, Navua | Tuesday, May 30, 2017
As I was reading through the letters in The Fiji Times 29/05, what attracted my attention was the letter by Savenaca Vakaliwawa titiled Shipping services.

While he was raising the concern of a friend with regard to the long wait that was endured at the jetty from 2pm to 10pm, I would also like to raise my concern, not on the long wait, however, but with the prices of goods and foods sold in ships.

I have been hearing complaints from many about the matter and costs, until two weeks ago when I took a trip to my home island of Taveuni and to my surprise, the complaints were real.

The cost of goods especially are 100 to 300 per cent increased, for example, a small packet of PK sold in a supermarket is 50 cents while in the boat $1, a 100 per cent increase.

Cookies that are sold for $1 in the market costs $3 in the boat, 200 per cent increase, and there are many others.

I wonder whether there is a particular control of the prices of goods that are sold in ferries, if not, I believe there should be for many ordinary people are really suffering especially trying to cater first for their fares to travel and on top of it the high cost of goods and foods sold in these ships.

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