Original sandals

Ilaitia Bose. Suva | Monday, May 29, 2017
Some importers and retailers of Cebo sandals are saying they only sell the original Cebo sandals. I have been buying Cebo sandals since the early 1980s and they were made in Czechoslovakia, a country in Europe which in 1993 was dissolved to make way for two new countries called the Czech Republic and Slo- vakia. The Cebo sandals then were clearly marked that it was made in Czechoslo- vakia.

Now, I believe some of the Cebo sandals in circulation do not have tags that indicate that it was made in Czecho-slovakia or from the two countries of Czech Republic or Slovakia. It begs the question why these importers and retail-ers are calling the sandals they sell as original Cebo sandals when it is common knowledge that it is now been made in Asian coun- tries and not in Europe.Secondly, the price they now sell the sandals for is just beyond our expecta-tion and it is time the Com-merce Commission or Con-sumer Council probe these importers and shoe retailers.

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