That first step

Sailosi Batiratu | Sunday, May 28, 2017
IT'S a nice read and will be sure to fill one with admiration for a girl who has seen a lot of the world by going to a lot of countries.

One thing that is definitely nice about the article we carry on the second page of our Soul Living magazine is that by visiting those countries and telling us a little about Priya Singh's travels, it fulfils if only a little, that wanderlust most of us have but will never be able to satisfy. Oh yes, and we could go on for days about the reasons, real and not, which have contributed to our not being able to visit those places she has been to.

And that's the way life is. Some will go to more places than we could ever imagine, some will go on numerous trips both local and abroad, then there are some who will be accepted by others quicker than their peers, some are more confident and willing to take risks and so on and so forth.

It's just the way it is since we are all different and we've all been dealt a unique hand from a certain deck of cards called life.

How well you do in life, or how badly, will depend on how you use or play your cards.

Still with the analogy of cards, some will be of the view that we will never be able to determine the hand we initially encounter given the different circumstances we are born into. This is absolutely true.

Yet, as life progresses, we can surely influence the outcome of the game by taking into account all that is happening around you and factoring that into the important decisions you will inevitably have to make. Again, absolutely true.

Who would have thought for a young woman born in Fiji to be working in a central Asian republic? Yet, it happened and it's because she took that first step.

That first step which saw her move from Fiji to New Zealand for tertiary studies, then to be a working student who saved a lot so she could travel as a backpacker across Europe.

Admittedly we are not told everything related to her travels like if her parents or guardians approved of her travelling to foreign places accompanied by just a friend.

All things considered, the fact remains that if we want to go places, we will have to take the first step, whether it be literally or in another sense of the word, to reach where we want to go or be.

That might require some courage.

Last night, some young women took their first step into the world of pageants at the launch of the Hibiscus Festival. Leaving their comfort zone to be part of the annual fiesta, let alone standing in front of the crowd come festival time in August, would have definitely taken some courage.

So there we have it. If we want to go places, do something different that will benefit you and those close to you, it's as simple as taking that first step.

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