Health risk

Avineel Kumar,Nadi | Saturday, May 27, 2017

I BELIEVE commuters travelling from Nadi to Lautoka City have been for ages welcomed to the Sugar City with the foul smell of sewage.

I fail to understand why nothing has been done all this while by the town council and the authorities to solve this issue.

Your entire day can get spoilt if you mistakenly drive past this stretch of road with vehicle windows wide open.

For those who have experienced first-hand what I'm taking about surely know how unwelcoming it is when one inhales the foul smell of raw sewage.

Lautoka City plays a crucial role in Fiji's economic development and is home to some top businesses and plays host to major sporting competitions and events.

Ironically, large cruise ships with thousands of tourists flock to the city along with dignitaries who use this road commuting from Lautoka to Nadi or vice versa and the foul smell paints a negative picture of this beautiful city. I feel sorry for the nearby settlements that have to go through the stench and the sickening smell every day putting their health at risk.

I just hope commuters travelling from Nadi don't start calling this city another name because the smell of sewage is the first thing that welcomes you.

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