Community policing

Fred Wesley | Saturday, May 27, 2017
THE revelation that the Lautoka District Duavata Community Policing Committee hopes to create more awareness on the rights of individuals and penalties a person is likely to cop for committing a crime is interesting.
Fred Wesley
Fred Wesley

It is encouraging though that there are people who feel the need to create such awareness.

As our report on Page 5 today reveals, committee vice-president Amol Kumar said this would be done through workshops and community visits.

They hope to be able to instil a level of community ownership at the end of this exercise.

"A lot of times we hear of domestic violence cases and robberies and we try to do our part in helping the police in combating crime," he said.

"But I think most of our work revolves around prevention. We try our best to educate people on the disadvantages of committing crime."

He highlighted instances of sugarcane field fires they haven't been able to prevent though.

While some farmers knew who started fires, he claimed they weren't bold enough to tell police.

"This is where we can help."

They also discussed issues affecting women, and have programs to educate men of the need to value and respect women's rights in a bid to fight domestic violence.

Call it what you want though, even if we fall back on the community policing line, there definitely has to be a strong link between the police and society if we are to make a difference.

It is vital.

At the tail-end of all this, surely, we all want a society where there is peace and harmony.

Surely we realise the police force can't do everything on its own.

It needs our support to provide services we sometimes take for granted.

We have high expectations that our men and women in blue will uphold the laws of our country.

They need our support though to be an effective force.

To achieve that society we all yearn for requires, among other things, appreciation, and the ability to embrace the need to value the rights of others.

It means trust, and a willingness to build something good together.

It calls for unity and sacrifice. We live in a country that is multiracial.

That is a positive start. Let's be responsible.

Let's be united. Let's get involved.

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