What went wrong

Kirti Patel,Mohan Sing Pl, Lautoka | Friday, May 26, 2017

A LOT of reactions took place recently on our loss in Paris 7s. Of course it was expected.

Some are pointing fingers at the coach while some think the players' minds were elsewhere.

I too strongly feel the players' minds were elsewhere or some internal problem is going on that is affecting their performance.

This I say because our team was very good and efficient with rugby. They are known as the wizards. They knew the in and out of rugby. They were doing miracles on the field.

The change of coach of course is an affecting factor, but the goodness in our team outweighed the impact of the changing coach.

They were simply amazing. Yes, it hurts and we do feel really upset, but at the end of the day it is all part of sports.

We still pride ourselves in terms of rugby and still hope for miracle. We still have hope. We still have our players no matter what.

Mr Donald Singh (FT 16/05) I don't think you are alone in terms of your thinking that your opinion does not matter and that too because there is no reaction to it.

I believe there are many writers and just not writers, other people as well who would keep raising concerns and nothing happens, would feel the same. Most of them do read the letters, but some decide to ignore, some will laugh it off, some will be curious and very few will actually react.

We are writing to make a point and for the authorities to act upon it.

Feels better when the outcome is reached and action is taken.

Let's just hope for the difference, but keep raising your concerns even if you feel you're the only one.

The truth eventually does come out.

To the authorities please think of having some constructive talk with the coach and find out the hidden mystery.

Something is really wrong somewhere.

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