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Fred Wesley | Friday, May 26, 2017
CALL it what you want. Whether you suggest an analogy, Timoci Raceva's story is special.
Fred Wesley
Fred Wesley

It has to be special for anyone who has drawn a perception that they are at the end of the road in as far as attaining goals are concerned.

Obviously, Mr Raceva isn't one to be deflated by stiff challenges.

There is a bit of creativity involved in his latest venture.

It is a rags-to-riches kind of story that should tug at the heartstrings.

When all seems lost, people like him should bring us relief. They serve as firm reminders that challenges are to be embraced and overcome.

It is about doing our best and savouring personal satisfaction at the end, whatever the outcome.

There should be some sense of accomplishment that we gave it our best shot.

We tried.

We did not back down and give up.

For this gentleman, old unused towels have generated income for him.

Surely, they aren't things one would see as an ingredient to improve the standards of a family.

Mr Raceva is a florist who has made pot plants and vases from these rags.

As our report yesterday pointed out, Mr Raceva, who is a well-known florist in Labasa, has turned old towels into unique pot plants and vases that could be used at home.

His display of home-made pot plants at the 2017 Northern Agriculture Show, attracted a large crowd at Subrail Park.

Understandably, revenue generated from the homemade vases and pot plants have helped Mr Raceva financially support his family.

He has been doing this for the past two years and has attracted many customers.

Mr Raceva's business, in a sense, adds value to the line "one man's rubbish may be another man's treasure", or something close to that.

The vases are made from old towels that his friends used as rags or had thrown away as rubbish.

When you take an overview of his project, it is difficult to get past the fact that initiative, commitment, the ability to think outside the box, coupled with courage and perseverance are important ingredients if one hopes to make a difference in life.

Then there is the bit about self-belief.

People such as Mr Raceva stand out as apt examples of why some people are able to make a difference in their lives.

They never give up.

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