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| Thursday, May 25, 2017
Quality cane Since more assistance has been rendered to cane farmers from clearance of debts, fertilizers subsidy, cane roads upgrade, etc., may I request farmers to start supplying quality cane when the season starts, and not to give excuse after excuse for reasons of delay of cane supply to shortage of labourers. You have been rendered with more than enough assistance for far too long now. Stand up, shake up and supply. Suli Tokalau Lautoka

60 and under

I believe all the people who will be standing in the next general election should be under the age of 60. I believe some people take up politics after they retire as a past time. Just to be fair like the civil servants, most of them suffered when they retired unexpectedly!

Narayan Reddy


Updated stats

Does government have updated statistics indicating the proportion of population living below the international poverty line and proportion of total government spending on essential services.

Dan Urai


Loan repayment

The World Bank said our $5billion loan is manageable.

So who is going to pay, their children?

Allen Lockington

Waiyavi, Lautoka

Daily on airline

Like many Fijians, I am also on the side of free press. However, If honourable Dr Biman Prasad, would like to read a particular newspaper on an airplane, I suggest he buy one from the airport duty free lounge before departing. Free press does not mean organisations are forced to provide media publications for free.

Sailesh Singh

Caubati, Nasinu

Support Baber

All is not lost. Please give Baber a bit more time to mould his team and bring back the glory. Criticism will not help - your support will.

Satish Chand


Recruit policy

Army recruit policy has required a form six pass. I believe the Fiji Police Force now added driving licence as part of recruitment policy. Hopefully our naval recruit won't include diving practice certificate in their recruitment drive. Otherwise we will have a workforce full of opportunists rather than interest-driven ones.



Poverty decline

Reducing working hours from 48 hours per week to 40 hours per week but earning the same pay is moving towards reduction of poverty.

Dan Urai


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