Parliamentary questions

Alisi Waqanika Daurewa, Suva | Thursday, May 25, 2017
I DON'T always keep up with what's on in parliament due in part to the level of questions and ambiguous responses we are forced to digest when we watch it on live television.

So for a long time, I stopped watching and even reading about parliamentary sessions in the newspapers.

Sadly, most people I talk to share similar sentiments.

Until lately (F/T 22/5) when I came across the following questions to be posed by some honourable Members of Parliament. My comments which are below:

Q: Fiji's debt level is pegged at about $5 billion by this coming July. The head of the World Bank office in Suva is saying that it is manageable and reasonable. Can the minister explain in layman's term what it means regarding our reserves, borrowing and investments?

The honourable member has missed the more pertinent point which taxpayers can better relate to. The issue was never about the manageable and reasonableness of the debt level because if so, the World Bank representative to the South Pacific, would not have wasted his time telling the nation our debt level while at the same time wondering where the borrowing was going. And that would be what the layman would want to know. And please skip the technicalities!

Q: Would the Minister clarify to Parliament why passengers on Fiji Airways flights are denied complimentary readership of The Fiji Times.

Everyone knows which of the two local dailies is favoured by the Government and most of its entities.

Q: Can the Minister confirm to this House the total number of volunteer firefighters with the National Fire Authority?

An ambiguous question.

Q: Will the special constables get an increase in pay?

Another ambiguous question.

Please honourable members of Parliament, go out and do your research.

You will find there is a lot more out there to put to the table to converse about. Or, rephrase your question to illustrate your point.

But for your country, do not insult the intelligence of the people!

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