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| Wednesday, May 24, 2017
Fair pay Workers should learn one thing. I believe all decisions towards positive worker legislation and respect for international labour laws and implementation of decent work with fair pay is to vote for political parties that will do that when in government. Dan Urai Lautoka

Icon of Ra

The remains of the Penang mill after the demolition work ends will join the grave of the feared Udreudre and the Nakauvadra mountain range as one of the historical icons of Ra.

Petero Watekini


Hard yards

Good to see our police officers up-skilling their driving skills in Lautoka. I must say the police in Lautoka have been doing the hard yards lately, some on the road as early as 4.30am doing road runs and everyone can see them training beside LTA Lautoka office almost daily for the past week. I am sure by up-skilling their driving skills the police will be able to respond quickly now. Thank you officers for doing the hard yards, I am sure the public will be happy seeing your up-skilled work.

Narayan Reddy


One for Baber

I believe Gareth Baber has one up against Ben Ryan - a Challenge Trophy! There were glimpses of brilliance from the boys in their past two games in London, something we should build on for the next series.

Samu Railoa


Right time

My plea to everyone is to please don't jump up and down yet because of the results of the London Sevens tournament. I tell you there's light at the end of the tunnel. Give the boys and the coach a bit of time and you will see them do what they do best on the ground. They may not have achieved what was expected by so many but surely the "champion" in their genetic make-up will come out when the time is right.

Welcome back boys!

Joeli Naleca


Fijian flair

Do we still have the Fijian Flyers and Fijian flair in our sevens team? Or is it a tag that is associated with our former national teams?



Love you

Win lose or draw, Viti noqu Viti. Vinaka na qito boys, we still love you. 2018 it's all ours.

Toso Viti.

Moses Mani

Auckland, New Zealand

Coverage area

It would be wonderful if telecom companies could expand their network towards the centre of Viti Levu. I believe only a few more towers would be necessary to provide a fairly good coverage to regions like Namosi or Navosa.

Mathieu Pelletier


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