Healthy diet

Shamal Chand, Kuku Bau Rd, Nausori | Wednesday, May 24, 2017
It's been a year now that I changed my diet plan to healthy eating.

Now this was due to high cholesterol level.

From last year to date, through healthy eating, I was able to reduce my weight from 85kg to 55kg.

What I find surprising is that when people see me, all they ask is whether I was I sick or do I have diabetes.

Well I don't blame them as this has been the mentality of people for ages.

If they see someone getting thin or slim, all they think about is that the person is suffering from some sort of sickness or has diabetes, but I reckon, if they start thinking outside the box and worry less about sickness, diabetes, and start thinking positively towards healthy eating than they will understand the true value of being healthy.

Being a taxidriver and hands on wheel for about eight hours daily, and eating oily and foods high in fat during breaks, had really made me look like a dump truck.

But I'm glad that I managed to follow a healthy diet plan and timetable which has really been beneficial.

If a taxidriver can do this, than I believe everyone can do it.

Let's not forget that life is precious, take good care of it!

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