Thank you

Richard Abel, Suva | Wednesday, May 24, 2017
First of all, let us thank our lads, our gladiators, for the hardwork and dedication throughout the series 2016-2017.

We have to come to terms that we sometimes have to build our new players to blend in with the older players to gain more experience and get used to the big time places like in those bigger nations with the crowd and all.

They get a bit shocked, so give them time to adjust like Mocenacagi and Nasoko and some other players who are good now and have overcome that confusing part.

Anyway we look at it, no one plays 7s better than Fiji. Our style of play is loved all over the world because we play the game from childhood. It's a norm to chuck that ball around and someone to catch it. We all know that other teams are coming up to better standards and all that, but we have something special and we thank God for that gift. Something else some of us fans need to realise is this present team is not the exact team or players who won the Olympic gold medal. Only some of them are left to groom the new players that have been chosen.

Having said that, if those players were still with us, ain't no team in the world would stand a chance of winning, so we thank God for our lads and our present coach and management and fans in Fiji and throughout the world.

Toso Viti. God bless.

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