Super Rugby

Simon Hazelman, Savusavu | Wednesday, May 24, 2017
I refer to Tomasi Boginiso's letter (FT: 23/05) in which he praised the Super Rugby match between the Crusaders and Chiefs. In his own words, Tomasi stated, "The Super Rugby game between the Crusaders and Chiefs on our turf was just awesome".

While he is absolutely correct in his presumption that it was a brilliant game of rugby, I beg to differ with his conclusion in saying that the organisation was a great success.

To an extent it was, except for the most important element!

If there is one thing, and I am sure the organisers should have noticed, it was the condition of theturf!

It was obvious from the start that underfoot, the turf wasn't proper as it was lifting up all over the place.

The poor condition of any playing turf not only influences the final result of the game but it also increases the risk of injury and such conditions will determine whether organisers will consider future matches.

Like Tomasi, I, as well, hope that we can attract such future matches but this time under better underfoot conditions.

Simon Hazelman

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