Morning rush hour

Avineel Kumar, Nadi | Tuesday, May 23, 2017
NOW that the four-lane road construction project in Nadi has reached Martintar, I strongly feel that there is a great need to have the presence of more police officers to enable students from Namaka Public School and St Mary's Primary School, to cross the Queens Rd in the morning rush hour because the traffic jam that is seen every morning because of the road construction makes it next to impossible for students to cross the road.

While no doubt that dusty teachers from both schools are seen standing on the roadside to allow students to cross the road in the mornings, this only happens from 7.30am.

Some students are already making their way to school as early as 7am and those who, for some reason are late, risk their lives to cross the Queens Rd in the morning rush hour.

Since the four-lane road is still under construction and that the zebra crossings have all been temporarily removed, most drivers are reluctant to give way to students and the general public trying to cross the road.

As a regular commuter to Lautoka, I come across this same situation every morning and I feel sorry for those students, especially those in lower primary, who are seen standing by the roadside helplessly waiting for vehicle drivers to give them way.

I have witnessed some near-miss accidents in the rush hour and if nothing is done then lives could be lost.

It is my humble plea if relevant authorities could take this matter seriously and assign more police officers to help duty teachers of both schools in ensuring there is swift flow of traffic and that students are able to cross the road safely in a timely manner.

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