Safety first

Timoci Gaunavinaka, Waila, Nausori | Monday, May 22, 2017
Chandra Prakash Singh's letter titled Thinking outside the box suggests some solutions for the Fiji Roads Authority to improve traffic control.

Although some of his suggestions are valid, I am concerned with his suggestions on;

* removing road humps from villages;

* building overhead walkways; and,

* constructing more overtake lanes.

Today as we speak, there are some children still crossing rivers every morning and every afternoon and walk long distances to reach school.

There are students still attending classes in tents.

To spend millions of dollars of our scarce resources on these luxuries just so that some of our drivers may not be delayed for half an hour borders on ignorance and arrogance.

Many of these villagers gave their land to build these roads that enables you and I to travel around.

Many have been killed from speeding motorists where there are no or less road humps.

These road humps play a vital and affordable role in providing safety traffic control.

Before we try to think outside the box, let us first ensure that we do not overlook the more simple and practical solutions that lay inside the box.

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