Demand for crabs

Ritwik Deo, Samabula, Suva | Monday, May 22, 2017
It is very sad and concerning to see everywhere crabs that are sold are undersized and many are also female crabs with eggs.

Even sadder is to see that there is a huge demand for these crabs.

The whole concept of sustainable fishing, in a nutshell, is that there will be enough supply for future generations to live off what the current generation does.

Let alone the future generation, I firmly believe that the current generation will be in for a shock as the natural stocks get depleted at a rapid rate because of these practises.

Now the whole problem is, as I believe, because of the lack of enforcement of the fisheries regulations.

Surely there could be officials assigned to enforce fisheries regulations to curb this problem.

And if there are no officials assigned, then surely there is a breakdown somewhere that needs to be addressed.

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