COP 23 chair

Heenali Bhagwan, Nadi | Monday, May 22, 2017
The opportunity given to Fiji to fulfil the responsibilities of chairing COP 23 has opened many doors for a better future for the vulnerable.

Our honourable prime mMinister has chosen the best issue to be addressed which is climate change.

Indeed, we have all been suffering from climate change, especially with the recent Severe Tropical Cyclone Winston in 2016 and Tropical Cyclone Donna this year which developed in the off cyclone season.

Many people have been left devastated by these cyclones.

Fiji and its neighbouring islands that are being affected by mother nature in terms of rising sea levels, uncertain weather and tropical cyclones know how important it is to deal with climate change.

Our fellow villagers have to be relocated, leaving behind their homes and memories because of rising sea levels.

It is sad to know that part of the Solomon Islands and Marshall Islands have already disappeared under the ocean because of rise in sea levels.

We hope for the best solutions to prevail during the COP 23 for the betterment of not only the Pacific but the world.

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