You have it

Sailosi Batiratu | Sunday, May 21, 2017
ON the face of it, many will not think too much of it. "It" being the article we carry on page five about young people on the island of Koro helping their communities rebuild after the destruction of Severe Tropical Cyclone Winston in February last year.

However, if we read the story in its entirety, we should be able to grasp a basic truth that pervades, if it doesn't then it should, our very existence.

In this instance, Youth and Sports Minister Laisenia Tuitubou put it into words. According to the report, Mr Tuitubou said the assistance from the ministry was in addition to what the people already had and their efforts.

And we shall say it again — what they already had. We do this because sometimes, or dare we say most of the times, some do not actually realise their full potential because they don't fully appreciate what they have because their focus is on what they think they do not have. Often, that seeming lack is magnified because the lending hand which can get us to our feet before we take the next step is missing and so we wallow in self-pity. Fortunately for these young people they got a hand from Government and the resident representative from the People's Republic of China, and for that they must be very thankful.

The young people from the two villages of Mudu and Navaga would have been thanked by their elders for the work they have been engaged in. To the thanks of their elders and the gratitude of the families which now have houses they can call homes, we applaud them for being part of the rebuilding process. Thank you for giving freely of your time and effort.

We would also like to encourage you to build on the basic skills you have been taught. Remember that learning never stops until the day we die. Nor does it only take place within the four walls of a classroom.

Upskilling, capacity building or whatever one may want to call it, adding to your knowledge and skills base will mean you are now a more valued member of your families and communities.

Unlike the youth of Mudu and Navaga, some among us may say no one is giving them a helping hand. If that is indeed the case, it should make you only more determined to find from where your help will come, especially if it means taking an honest, long hard look at yourself and your capabilities. Who knows, what you find may even surprise you.

That's because none of us has nothing. Believers in a divine being and those with a positive mental attitude say each of us was created for a specific purpose and given the tools to achieve that purpose.

From that perspective, we all have something to give ourselves, families, Fiji and humanity.

The devastation caused by Winston; loss of life and property are now part of history. Lessons learnt from it can now be part of the legacy we give to those who will inherit Fiji from us.

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