Heart-warming reading

Devlin Chung,Melbourne, Australia | Sunday, May 21, 2017

What an inspiring article of Mother's Day love by Sailosi Batiratu in last week's edition of The Sunday Times.

Well, I am simply impressed that Sailosi has been contributing some very heart-warming letters that I've been reading over the years and he does strike me as a learned, educated, loving and respectful writer of a wide spectrum of subjects.

Sai, if it's not a rude question, what institution were you educated during your high school years?

I salute you as your article "duty of love" for our mothers resonate loud and clear as to the love for all mothers should not only coincide once a year in May, but should always be there for all loved ones no matter the occasion.

Congratulations, Sailosi, you are indeed a very sincere Christian with life values bestowed by our Heavenly Father. God bless.

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