Greater 7s transformation

Samuela Kailawadoko Waqadra, Nadi | Saturday, May 20, 2017
Are alarm bells ringing for our Olympians in the sevens team or did they just have an off-day?

The Scots carried too many guns for our team.

Our boys were outplayed that they must have exclaimed, "what happened?"

My poor Fiji sevens team were stunned, suffering their heaviest defeat in this World Rugby series.

Three losses in Paris and for this reason it is well on the cards they will to put a representative side together for the London leg.

Even as things stand, the London leg has to be proven by our team to be a well-fought contest and they must raise their game to unaccustomed heights for this last tournament.

The senior boys must step up when the going gets tough.

It must take Gareth Baber to create a pattern of rugby sevens against the opposition at London, otherwise if he is to provide the catalyst, the raw material i.e all new players to play in London, at least it should fashion the next generation of players; it may be a tough initiation, but it may be a greater transformation in fortunes.

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