Colonial era legislation

Joan Mcgoon,Jetpoint, Martintar, Nadi | Saturday, May 20, 2017

It is interesting to note that the Ministry of Employment will be disregarding certain legislation that no longer apply to our modern working society because it was drafted in the colonial era of Fiji's history.

At one time, they were necessary but not in this point in history as they are no longer applicable.

The latest movie out at some of the movie houses is: The Viceroy's House, based on a true story of the split between India and Pakistan and Britain's role in this.

It is a wonderful historical movie to watch with family and friends to even better understand our own past colonial rule and the necessary measures undertaken by the British to give independence to one country and assist in the birth of another without prejudice.

Britain was at that point and even today is, still one of the greatest powers in the world. Before disregarding certain colonial legislation because they do not apply, perhaps it is necessary to spend more time deliberating on this?

Just a thought.

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