FSC's system

Kunal Prakash,Tavua | Saturday, May 20, 2017
There is a general observation about FSC finance/payments systems.

Farmers still have to visit the sector offices to collect their payments manually in the form of cheques.

Why FSC/SCGC cannot direct the payments into bank accounts?

Every time there is a grant or rebate from harvesting/fertiliser, the payments are in the form of cheques and have to be manually collected.

However, normal cane payments are directed to the banks.

I strongly think that there should be one system for all payments, so that farmers have less hassle and at the same time, FSC can take advantage of the modern day technology and cut down on manual labour costs.

In addition to this, there is no confidentiality regarding the payments to each farmer. A logbook is kept for farmers to sign and collect cheques with the amount written and can be easily seen by all signing the logbook.

Nobody likes their finances to be seen by others so why this breach of confidentiality with FSC/SCGC?

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