Road accidents

Elvin Chand,Votualevu, Nadi | Saturday, May 20, 2017

I stand to be corrected, in the past month alone, I have witnessed about six accidents at the Nasoso junction near Nadi airport.

It is not only in the past month or so, since the new roads have been upgraded near the airport and Nasoso area, I believe every week there is a minimum of one accident occurring.

I feel some of these drivers should be pilots, the way they drive their vehicles, especially the new hybrid vehicles that are available in Fiji.

As I write (Friday, May 19, 2017, 8.03am) I am being told there has been another accident at Nasoso junction now.

I have no idea what action plans the local authorities are coming up with to eliminate these mishaps.

May I suggest a revenue incentive for LTA. Can a speed camera be put in place just after Nasoso junction going towards Lautoka before the 80 speed zone starts?

And we should try to turn the airport highway area into a safe or accident free zone by having stringent rules in place such as maybe double points deduction or minimum fine of $350 or even driving licence suspension up to a month for careless driving.

It's really an eyesore to be a spectator to this abnormal occurring as well as traffic delays that result because of these mishaps.

I leave this in the safe hands of our authorities to take appropriate action.

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