Don't be misled

Richard M Abel,Suva | Friday, May 19, 2017

All this talk about the sugar mill at Rakiraki sure is disheartening.

The talk about it being used to get votes and whatnot, I believe the only people who need to sit up and get things straight are the farmers themselves, to realise the importance of what this Government is doing for them, and the mill itself, is not worthy to repair, as it would cost more all around, should give them an idea of what is more important at this time.

I believe the farmers getting a good deal of cartage of their cane to the other mill, at no cost for them, because the FSC will take that into their own hands, is something really good for the farmers.

So all this hearsay is really for the farmers themselves to think about what is best for them and for their future in the sugar industry.

There's talk of building a new mill so that should be the main concern right now, for the farmers and not to be misled by small talk.

Vinaka farmers.

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