Health services

Iqbal Khan,Nausori | Friday, May 19, 2017
AS a concerned citizen, I urge the public to be patient with medical personnel around the country and the responsible authorities to upgrade facilities in public hospitals.

It is evident that many patients are left frustrated with the negative attitude of some doctors and nurses in some hospitals around the country.

I do understand the ineffective and inefficient services provided by some medical practitioners around the country has reached a climax, whereby the public outcry on social media has taken its toll.

The lack of specialists in many medical fields has also left people frustrated because proper services are not provided.

At the same time, I believe poor facilities are a major contributing factor to poor services.

The general public should understand that doctors and nurses are human beings and they do their utmost in ensuring that every patient is treated with utmost care.

I believe it is the unreasonable doctor to patient ratio which is why people have to wait for long to be attended to.

Having more doctors in public hospitals may be a solution.

On the same token I would like to request for the upgrading of facilities in public hospitals so that they can accommodate everyone's needs and it would improve health services in the country.

A bit of patience and co-operation from the general public is required for efficient service delivery.

I would be grateful if medical practitioners could be more diligent in carrying out their duties and at the same time understand the needs of the patients.

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