Huge opportunity

Simon Hazelman,Savusavu | Friday, May 19, 2017
My continued argument for the legalisation of marijuana is fuelled further with the statement made by the World Bank that the Fijian economy needs to diversify from its reliance on foreign earnings such as tourism and remittances (FT:17/05).

Here is a fact that Government and the nation needs to know.

The country of Israel is now the leading nation in the production of medical marijuana and has attracted many international investors as it positions itself as a cutting-edge exporter in a rapidly growing market for medical-grade marijuana.

With estimates that the global market for medical marijuana could reach $50 billion by 2025, the Israeli Government is set to allow its local industries to start exporting and projects annual revenue in the hundreds of millions of dollars.

In February of this year, the Israeli Government gave the go ahead to legislation that would allow export.

More than 500 Israeli companies have applied for licences to grow, manufacture and export marijuana products.

The growing acceptance of medical marijuana and other marijuana products is simply creating huge opportunities in countries that have legalised it.

For a country that has the perfect conditions for the cultivation of marijuana, here is a great opportunity, and such as Israel, capitalise on one of the fastest growing industries in the world today.

Please remove the blinkers — before we miss the bus to opportunity and diversification!

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