Paris loss

Sowani Vito, Naivilali, Nawaikama, Gau | Thursday, May 18, 2017

As an ardent Fiji 7s follower, I'm still trying to come to terms with what happened in Paris last week.

The whitewash dished by the Scottish in the quarter-final is something we are experienced in, but, come on, we are not used to being on the other side of the deal.

Our team is usually the one dishing out the whitewash and not the other way round, for goodness sake.

Overnight, we came from being back-to-back series winners, and Olympic gold medallists, to just a tournament win in the 2017 series.

And the tournament last week is the poorest performance by any Fiji 7s team to participate in any event. And the strength of our team seems to be dwindling down.

Just food for thought for our coach, some players need a break. Our performance last week brought up an issue that is a worry to all coaches, fatigue.

Meals can be right, training can be excellent. But we are talking human bodies here. If our performance in the Paris 7s is something to go by, then we might as well rest the old hands.

In fact, if you go back and watch the games again, these are the players who commit the most errors leading up to our losses.

I'm not finger-pointing these players, but mind you, some of them have been traversing the globe year in, year out putting their bodies on the line. They need to take a break. Not all the old hands, but a couple.

Last year, talks have been made about a movie to feature the rags to riches stories of the journey to the Olympic by Ben and our Olympic gold medallists.

Please, Baber, hope we will not make it a riches to rags stories this time around, at least not now, not just a year after winning the gold medal.

All the best in London guys. Trust your players, give the new guys a go ... still Fiji all the way. Toso Viti!

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