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| Wednesday, May 17, 2017
Coup culture

If "Rambo" did not initiate the coup culture, then who did? (FT 15/02). Hum?

Nishant Singh


Reality check

HERE is a reality for Fijians that when an individual is moving around picking up litter that carelessly thrown in public, the person is likely to attract laughter among passers-by and most likely considered to be sick in the head. However, quite the opposite happens when someone throws his/her rubbish in public - the ones close by often remain silent.



New blood

I feel that right now we need to break new blood in the Fiji 7s team. Or do we need new strategies? By the way, right now we do need 100 Jasa who can carry on the good work of the boys.

Allen Lockington

Kava Place, Waiyavi, Lautoka

Speed search

Thank you The Fiji Times for highlighting again one special and very important ingredient in sevens and that is speed. Look at the Blitzbokke. Today they have so many clinical finishers in the forwards and backs, and including their super subs, that they are unstoppable. Thank you Ryder and Caucau for also highlighting this. It just brings back memories of our star speedstars from Honda, Laulau to Vunibaka, Delasau to Cama to Caucau himself and more recently Viriviri to Lutumailagi. Our search for speed in sevens must start now for the next series and it should not be restricted to the backs but to the forwards as the game is advancing. Toso Viti na operation vitau cici me tekivu!

Shalwyn Prasad

Mukta Ben Place, Nabua, Suva

Job selection

It is encouraging that Government opens opportunities for educating the young. I believe it is puzzling though that they allow more expatriates for local positions.

Dan Urai


Lazy drivers

I believe automatic cars clearly bring out the ignorant attitudes of drivers locally, with some in a relaxed mood with one hand on the wheel and the other hanging over the car window. While the LTA emphasises both hands on wheels, some drivers choose to ignore this. Either they are tired or showing off. Those caught should be fined.

Samuela Naicegucegu

Simla, Lautoka

Village headmen

Interestingly, the Somosomo Village headman was terminated from his position because of non-performance. It compels me to wonder how many more headmen are not performing but are still holding on to their positions and getting their quarterly allowances for it.

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