7s coach

Areki Dawai,Suva | Wednesday, May 17, 2017

STOP the nonsense of firing Baber and assuming bringing back Ryan will help the boys in the national sevens team.

Our current pool of new players including the five members of the winning team from the Olympics in the current team will not give us a satisfying result every time they play against national teams in the sevens circuit, that is a fact based on the performances of our previous national sevens teams.

The performance trend of our national team has never been consistent on the sevens circuit which means their performance and result rides on a wave throughout the season. All coaches can come up with different patterns and game plans throughout their coaching career and trainers have a program and plan to follow according to the setting of the environment.

If there is a need to employ a psychological coach in depth with mental preparation then perhaps the Fiji Rugby Union with assistance of the sponsors may seek a qualified personnel to travel with the team to psyche up the boys before each game.

However. the calibre and natural instinct that is deep-rooted within us does not need a doctor because when determined minds are all for one to win, we are unstoppable.

Still the crucial point of weakness to perform at the very best is when basic mistakes are continual and this is where the weak spot lies with any local team for it exhausts the mind to size up their physical strength and talents of players. Good luck coach Baber, management and the boys!

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