Local 7s participation

Ms Kaleca,Raiwai, Suva | Wednesday, May 17, 2017

I actually thought our boys did not perform to their maximum capacity during the Paris 7s.

Losing their first game to our neighbours Samoa could have dropped their morale but I believe that there is more going on than the eyes can see.

I see no unity or bonding when they were playing and it looked like their fitness level was not up to par.

This could be solved if they are given more game time in local tournaments, such as the Marist Sevens and Nawaka, which could gel them well before the next series.

This used to be the norm in past teams where our national 7s team plays in local tournaments against very good opposition.

Nowadays, they are released to play for their individual clubs which will do no good because the more game time these boys have together, the better their game will be.

Their set plays and combinations will also improve and this will reflect on the world 7s series.

Another factor I believe could be causing this problem is money. If I am correct only some of our boys are getting paid and contracted by FRU while the rest are playing for pride and honour.

This should not be the case and FRU should look into paying and contracting all of the other boys as well.

I'm not talking about sponsorship money but pay them what they are due.

These boys sacrifice a lot to be donning the white jersey so it is only fair and right to contract them for the future series.

Toso tiko boys, we are behind you guys all the way. Go get the crown from London. Mutu vaqaqa jiko!

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