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| Friday, April 21, 2017
FDB leader I REFER to the article in The Fiji Times dated 01/04/17 in regards to the commitment and hard work of the former CEO. I personally congratulate Deve Toganivalu on his achievement and leadership towards the bank. It is commendable to hear that the former CEO fully supported his staff in business-related matters as well as personal matters. I hope the bank will have an honest and dynamic leader soon. BIPPIN DEO VINESH Suva

Minimum wage

DEFINITELY raising the minimum wage to a fair level will put a smile to the faces of the workforce sitting at $2.32 an hour.

Raising the minimum wage can boost the productivity of the workforce in the business sector.

If the attorney-general likes to compare our ministers' salaries to those living in nations like Australia, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea and Singapore then I believe he should also take a good look at their minimum wage and take into consideration if that should also be relevant here at home.

I believe that would be an honourable thing to do Mr Sayed-Khaiyum!



Ministers' pay

WHAT led the student to raise that question?



UN refund

CAN the Fijian Government assure us, contrary to the auditor-general's report, that we are being refunded a good portion of the annual $60 million plus spent on UN peacekeeping?

From the little available facts in the media, it seems that we can afford to pay our peacekeepers the same peacekeeping wage, keep them in Fiji, not risk their lives, and still make a major financial gain - in terms of cash flow relief and savings?

I believe there is something missing. Can the Ministry of Economy help us fill the gaps so we are more understanding to the big military budgets?



King of 7s

SEVENS is a king-like sport in Fiji played and followed by everyone.

We have the best talent available out there in any part of Fiji. What we don't have is 100 Ben Ryans to nurture and mould these talented players.

We need the only and original Ben Ryan to show consistency and, as he always says, bring structure to our teams.

We need his expertise at all levels from the grassroot to national level.

Just imagine every player inspired to achieve gold. Go Fiji go for gold. Ryan is always there to talanoa and show the veilomani. He is the king of sevens in this modern age.


Mukta Ben Place, Nabua, Suva

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