Vernacular languages

Rajendra Prasad, School Of Language Arts And Media Usp | Friday, April 21, 2017
The opinions expressed by Joan McGoon (20/4) are quite interesting.

While I do agree with most of the comments on the use of English, I have some reservations on a few.

The two major vernacular languages of Fiji have always worked as a unifying factor in Fiji.

Since the time of indenture many indigenous people have picked up Fiji Hindi and many Indians have learnt iTaukei language.

People in the communities have always code-switched while interacting with one another between the two vernaculars. One just needs to visit the market to see the rich use of the two vernacular languages.

In addition if it is "deemed rude" to speak in vernacular in front of those who do not understand it, I feel it is even ruder to speak in English among the vernacular speakers.

In most gathering in Fiji the vernacular speaking community will outnumber the other speakers.

And finally once again research has shown a child who masters his mother tongue will always be a better second language learner.

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