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| Thursday, April 20, 2017
Road fines I wonder if we could increase the penalty, a bit harsher, for traffic offenders especially drunk driving and speeding? This should also be applied to drivers of Government vehicles as well. Suli Tokalau Lautoka

Calm in politics

I believe the silence is almost deafening! Not a word of defence!

Dan Urai


Speak boldly

I believe one of the attention grabbing passions from the FijiFirst Government is that the leaders speak their minds boldly while the lesser wagon speak in synchronised mind. I believe this Government gives the impression that they have tonnes of energy to electrify the nation. Go Fiji go!


Samabula, Suva

High salaries

I believe the response by the Minister for Economy and Attorney-General to students at Sigatoka as reported (FT, April 18) appeared to have excluded an important point which was that the high salaries paid to Cabinet ministers in the developed countries he quoted were geared relative to remuneration levels for the whole government structure. I believe this information would portray a complete picture.

Emosi Balei



Streetlights at some places in Nausori Town are seen on during the day, which I believe is a waste of energy and money. Money used to pay for this unnecessary bills can be utilised or invested in other useful tasks and projects.

It would be much appreciated if relevant authorities take heed of the above mentioned issue as soon as possible as it's been ongoing for a while now. End of the day, it's a waste of ratepayers' money.

Shamal Chand

Kuku Bau Rd, Nausori

Singapore 7s

It's all about possession if the team couldn't secure USA kick-offs, than miracles cannot be expected. Better luck in the next series.

Dan Urai


Protest conflict

I was surprised to see a police officer on duty interfering with the protest committee officials during the Andhra tournament at Prince Charles Park in Nadi. I believe there was a protest during the Vuniyasi and Tomuka match. Many thanks to a respected judge who ably managed the situation. I believe the officer must have realised that he was wrong by interfering in the process which is the responsibility of the organisers. I believe police officers are requested for their presence to maintain law and order and not to interfere in decision-making in tournaments.

Gulsher Ali


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