Supermarket workers

Sanjay Kumar, Suva | Thursday, April 20, 2017
I strongly recommend people working in supermarkets be paid differently in different sections. Special considerations for those employees who work for supermarkets open very late until 9pm.

I believe the additional cost of transport has to be borne by the employees going late by alternative transport mode mainly taxis. In the Suva-Nausori corridor the competition is stiffer in terms of opening hours.

Sooner than later probably all supermarkets in a bid to remain afloat will pursue the same path as their counterparts. I believe on the stroke of the pen the directors determine the financial loss fate for their employees.

Also special rate should be announced in the new minimum wages if possible for the row boys.

I believe some of these boys or men generally carry weights above prescribed maximum under the law. Sugar and rice comes in 45kg to 50kg bags.

I believe such heavy weight working employees should be well remunerated.

I hope timing also needs to be a factor determining a new wage rate.

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