Basic medication

Nishant Singh, Lautoka | Thursday, April 20, 2017
Just a pleasant reminder to our honourable and valued Health Minister, I believe the not so reputable Lautoka Hospital has sadly once again run out of basic medication — antibiotics this time around.

After being examined and prescribed antibiotics by a friendly doctor for a sore throat infection on the evening of 18/04, I waited tolerantly at the dispensary swarming with patients for over an hour only to be promptly informed by the pharmacy assistant that I have to "buy" my medication as they had none in stock. Only paracetamol (the most commonly prescribed "miracle" drug at the Lautoka Hospital) was available.

I urge the madam minister to take heed and address this matter of utmost concern, or do you first need to be "officially informed" by health officials of the current situation before any corrective cause of action is executed?

And for the record, I believe this so-called free medicine initiative has been a complete disappointment since its inception.

Better ga just scrap it!

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