Bus stand problem

Alesi Masikolikoli, Dravuni St, Waiyavi, Lautoka | Thursday, April 20, 2017
I am a full time student of the University of the South Pacific and I am writing to express my concerns on the continuous problems that I have encountered when using the bus stand of Lautoka.

I believe the traffic at the Lautoka bus stand is a disaster! There seem to be no proper route and enough space for the buses to enter and also the pedestrians and members of the public who use the bus stand every day. Just a few months ago, as I recall, a child lost his life while trying to cross the road at the Lautoka bus stand.

I urge the Lautoka City Council to look at this matter with seriousness and devise a strategy that would provide a safer area for pedestrians and also the buses and their drivers.

I believe everyone has a right to feel safe no matter where they are but in order to feel safe we need to eliminate the cause of fear first.

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