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Fred Wesley | Thursday, April 20, 2017
There is a lot of excitement brewing in the Capital City. Understandably not everyone is into athletics, however, try telling that to the over 2400 athletes who will be converging on the Laucala bowl over the next three days, starting today.

The hype is well and truly hitting a high point as the top student athletes from around the country head for the National Stadium for the start of the Fiji Secondary Schools Athletics Finals 2017.

How can anyone even doubt the impact of the event on the imaginations of students around the country?

Police will obviously be keen to see a heightened state of security, and students should be encouraged to embrace the joy such an event brings.

And that's just for starters.

The numbers are staggering for this event, as they are every year.

The 2495 athletes from 147 schools will be at the games with teachers, friends, fans and family members, pushing up the numbers in terms of attendance at the National Stadium.

Then there are the game officials, and members of the security team on duty at the stadium.

While police officers and security staff at the stadium would do all they can to provide a safe environment for students, there is a need for the support of parents, guardians and teachers during the event.

The streets of the Capital City are already teeming with thousands of students and visitors from around the country.

Many will be first-time visitors to the nation's capital.

The Fiji Finals is arguably the biggest and most popular sporting event for high school students in Fiji.

It appeals to people from all walks of life, and over the years, has continued to attract old scholars and their families.

There are many challenges and opportunities it offers for schools, athletes, sporting bodies and businesses that could stand to benefit from such a large influx of human traffic over three days.

On the track and field, there is an exciting platform for athletes to display their skills, excite their school mates, old scholars, scouts, and sporting bodies.

Today is another great day to showcase our many young talented athletes to the world.

There are medals to be won, records to be broken and set, and personal best times, heights and distances to be attained.

And most importantly, for the athletes on show over the three days, this is an opportunity to live your dreams. Not everyone will win a medal. However, today, you are part of the premier high school athletics event in the country, after months of sweat, tears, and hard work, which makes you special. You have done the hard yards.

We wish every athlete the best. We hope you will have a memorable 2017 Fiji Finals.

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