School dropout

Tagi Vonolagi, Nausori | Wednesday, April 19, 2017
Reading the comment of our Education Minister on school dropout reminds me of my letter back in 2007.

I was asked back in 2005 by my academy manager of the school I worked for in Malaysia about the school education system in our country.

When I told him about how we sit for our national school examination, his second question wash how's the school dropout.

He looked at me and said: "Our school system is long."

He then told me how about we have our national exams at Form 3 to determine those who are good academically and not. Those who pass continue academically.

Not all students will have white collar jobs, some are good academically, some are not and we keep students up to Form Six even if they are not good academically.

After Form Three exams those who are not good academically can be put to tertiary schools or vocational classes. They will be there for three years and those who continue academically to Form Six by the time they enter university and tertiary schools they can both look for jobs at the same time.

Enhance co-curricular subjects like music, arts and PE. Teachers who take part in these subjects must be well versed with the core teaching of these subjects and not teaching DO RE MI FA SO all year around and sports skills must be taught and develop skills of those not good academically rather than having PE classes playing soccer, rugby touch, volleyball and netball from January to November during PE classes with the teacher dressing like they are working inside an office.

We should re-look at our school system and also find out reasons the school dropout increases every year.

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